How do I change my account details?
You will need to download the form allowing you to change your payment account and complete the parts that you would like to have changed. Once completed this can be returned via email: accounts@securepay.com.au, fax: 03 9629 5550 or mail: PO Box 190 Flinders Lane Victoria 8009

What do I need to take payments from my website?
An Internet Merchant Account with any of the major banks which offer online merchant services. A separate Internet Merchant Account is required by all banks, even though you may have existing eftpos facilities.
An internet merchant and terminal ID supplied by your bank, configured for the SecurePay payment gateway.
If you need help obtaining these items, please contact a sales representative for assistance on 1300 786 756.

Why do I need an Internet Merchant Account?
An internet merchant account enables your business to accept credit card payments for sales or services.

Do I need to change banks?
No, unless the bank you currently deal with does not offer an Internet Merchant facility.
SecurePay processes credit card transactions through all major banks. If your bank is not listed here, please contact SecurePay for assistance.

What cards can be processed by the SecurePay gateway?
SecurePay allows the processing of Visa (credit and debit), MasterCard (credit and debit), American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

What is the uptime for the SecurePay system?
SecurePay's Payment Server runs 24-hours a day, every day, so businesses never miss a sale.

If my customer makes a payment by mistake, pays too much, or wishes to return an item, can I refund the customer's money?
SecurePay allows online refunds to be processed using the stored card from the original payment.
Refunds can be performed at any time, and can be a full or partial refund of the customer's payment amount. Multiple refunds may be performed on a transaction until the balance of the transaction is zero.
Refunds can be performed through the SecurePay's API's, and for convenience, online from our Merchant Login facility.

Can I preauthorise funds on my customer's credit card for later payment?
A preauthorisation allows reserve funds on a customer's credit card for 5 to 10 days depending on the cardholder's bank. During that time, your can complete the transaction to capture the funds. Your customer's bank will normally free up preauthorised funds which have not been completed within 3 days, making these funds available to the customer, and no longer reserved by you.

Can I release preauthorised funds from my customer's credit card?
Only a card holder can release funds reserved on their card. They must call their card holders bank and request release of the preauthorisation. SecurePay and it's merchant clients do not have the authority to release funds reserved on a customer's bank account.

What hardware/software do I need to offer online transactions through SecurePay?
Depending on the product or service provided, you can use SecurePay from any HTML website, or from any code capable of sending secure information over the internet. SecurePay recommends that if you write your own interface to our API's, to use an up to date HTTP client library, such as PHP-Curl.

Is the integration of my site with SecurePay seamless?
Yes. The SecurePay payment system can be integrated within the site so that the look and feel is retained. Many of our products allow customisation.

Do I need a bank Internet Merchant Facility and a SecurePay account to take payments?
Yes. Each business using the SecurePay service must also obtain a bank internet merchant facility. The SecurePay gateway provides easy intergation to the complex banking system, allowing you access to the international card schemes.

What confirmation of payments will I receive from SecurePay?
SecurePay can send you an optional ASCII file to a nominated e-mail address every morning by 3:00 (AEST). This report contains details of all transactions passed through the SecurePay Payment Gateway. If you use more than one SecurePay product (i.e. phone payments via IVR and internet payments via their website), transactions through all products are compiled into one itemised report each day.

What is the format of the Daily ASCII Report File? Does it match the format supplied by Australia Post?
The reports are fully customisable, and can contain any transaction details that SecurePay stores itself. We can insert header and trailer lines, as well as provide the total number, and total value of all transactions for the last 24 hours.
Australia Post has four different file formats, and all of these can be replicated by SecurePay.

Can SecurePay handle transactions originating outside Australia?
Yes. Just as anyone travelling overseas is able to pay for goods and services with their credit card, any cardholder with an appropriate card may make a payment using SecurePay. The transaction is conducted in Australian Dollars and the foreign currency conversion is then handled by Visa or MasterCard.

Does SecurePay perform instant online credit card validation?
Yes. Via our comprehensive bank links, your customer can expect to receive a response from the bank through the SecurePay system immediately upon payment.

Can SecurePay process payments in a batch?
Yes. SecureBatch allows you to upload a list of transactions, which will be processed at 5pm AEST.

What are the ongoing fees?
SecurePay charges are listed on our pricing page. There are no hidden fees, account upgrade fees, or account change fees. When your prepaid block runs out or your account comes up for annual renewal, simply pay for the transaction plan that best suits your business.

Is it safe for my customers to send personal information, including credit card numbers, over the internet?
SecurePay encrypts all transaction details before sending them across the internet, so the details of the message cannot be seen by anyone except SecurePay's Payment Server.

My website does not have SSL (Secure Socket Layer). How can I use SecurePay's Online products and protect my customers' credit card details?
Our hosted payments page products are easily integrated in to your web site. When your site sends your customer to the customised payments page, the customer fills in their credit card number in a secure form and we send the payment to the bank and provide a receipt page. Compare our hosted products to find the one that suits you.

What level of encryption does SecurePay use?
SecurePay uses a 128-bit digital server certificate provided by VeriSign™. This level of encryption is currently considered realistically unbreakable.

Can I use my work PC to manually process payments on my customers' behalf?
Simply log in to your account via our Merchant Login via the link on the home page of this web site and proceed to Accounts Receivable --> Take a Payment --> Cards and complete the form. Your transaction will be processed straight away with the authorisation result returned by your bank.