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  DirectOne Hosted Payments Page Direct Post Redirect SecureFrame Hosted Payments Page Secure API
(XML & Java)
SecureBill Hosted Payments Page Phone Payments (IVR) Batch Upload Merchant Log In (1) SFTP Batch (2)
 Transaction Types
Visa & MC Recurring            
Direct Debit        
 Risk Management
PCI Compliant        
3D Secure            
 Card Storage against Payors or Tokens
Store Payor        
Store Token              
Trigger Payment          
 Scheduled Payments
Create Schedules              
Manage Schedules                
 Direct Debit Authority Management
Add or remove DDA              
Multi Currency (3)        
Currency Conversion                
Daily Remittance File              

(1) All merchants will have access to the Merchant Log In regardless of the type of Interface.
(2) SFTP setup incurs additional charges and requires a project to be initiated by both SecurePay and the client with client resource costs incurred by the client.
(3) Available via NAB merchant accounts only. A separate application process is required by NAB to activate this service. There is no additional charge from SecurePay.