eCommerce Overview

Here are some FAQs about e-commerce and payment gateways. If your answer isn’t here, you can contact SecurePay online or call 1300 786 756.

What is a payment gateway? Expand

A payment gateway is a secure connection between your business, card providers and banks. It allows you to accept payments online, over the phone and via direct entry (recurring electronic debit and credit payments) in a highly secure, PCI DSS compliant manner.

Why do I need a payment gateway for my business? Expand

A payment gateway ensures that a customer’s banking details are transmitted securely when they transact with you online. Your business doesn’t have direct access to a customer’s credit card and debit card details, giving them peace of mind and reducing business risk for you.

How does a payment gateway differ to options like PayPal?Expand

PayPal is a third-party payment processor, rather than a payment gateway. Customers are directed to the payment processor’s site to complete a transaction and the fees charged are generally higher than for a payment gateway. SecurePay can also accept PayPal payments from customers who would like to make a purchase using their PayPal account.

Who requires businesses to have a payment gateway?Expand

Payment gateways help businesses comply with a compulsory transaction security standard called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is a standard developed by the companies that provide debit and credit cards to customers, such as Visa and MasterCard. PCI DSS guides businesses on how to protect their customers from online fraud, by ensuring that customer details and card data are transmitted, processed and stored securely. Gateways may offer different levels of PCI DSS compliance, depending on what your business requires.

What level of security does SecurePay offer?Expand

SecurePay holds the highest level of PCI DSS accreditation – level 1 PCI DSS compliance. The company is regularly and externally audited by Vectra Corporation. SecurePay’s financial and internal control systems are also externally audited by Moore Stephens, and all SecurePay staff undergo screening and extensive background checks.

What is an internet merchant account and why do I need one?Expand

An internet merchant account manages the transfer of funds between your customer’s card and your bank account. The funds that are processed by the merchant account are deposited into your bank account at the end of each business day. The bank charges separate fees for this merchant account service.

The SecurePay payment gateway is a separate service that ensures data is transmitted securely between the merchant account, bank account and card providers. SecurePay integrates with all the major Australian banks and card providers.

How does a payment gateway integrate with shopping carts?Expand

You or your developer use a simple integration guide to combine your preferred shopping cart platform, such as Magento or Shopify, with your payment gateway. SecurePay integrates with all of the most popular e-commerce shopping carts.

If you have already selected a supported shopping cart and want to integrate the SecurePay payment gateway, select the SecurePay module from within the shopping cart administration area. If you have a website developer, you can also refer them to the SecurePay Developer Centre.

Does a payment gateway slow down transactions?Expand

A payment gateway allows your bank and the customer’s card provider to communicate in a secure online environment. This doesn’t slow down a transaction - in fact, it takes only a matter of seconds!

Will customers stay on my website to make their transaction?Expand

This depends on whether you choose to have a hosted payment page or host the payments on your own website. In most cases, businesses choose a hosted payment page that they can customise to have the same look and feel as their website, as this reduces your PCI DSS compliance requirements. While customers are in the secure payment gateway environment making a purchase or payment, a padlock is displayed and the site has an https address to reassure customers that the transaction is secure.

What are the costs?Expand

Costs depend on how many transactions your business processes each month. With SecurePay, you can pay-as-you-go if you have a small number of transactions (we recommend this if you have fewer than 75 a month), pre-pay and save if you have up to 5,000 transactions, or select a high-volume discount plan if you process over 5,000 transactions a month. There are also phone and direct entry options for enterprises, councils and government. You can find out more about the different pricing options here.

Where can I find more information?Expand

For more information on how to take your business online, visit the Australian Government’s Digital Business page, or call SecurePay on 1300 786 756 and we’ll help you get online.