How do I Accept Payments?

So you have made the decision to accept card payments from your website. What do you do next? Going online requires some time and a little effort, but SecurePay can step you through that process. The steps can be summarised as follows

  1. Open an Internet Merchant Account with a bank
  2. Select the SecurePay payment solution that is right for you
  3. Integrate the SecurePay payment solution with your web site
  4. Test, test, test...
  5. Sign up to a SecurePay account
  6. Go live!

1. Open an Internet Merchant Account with a bank

You need an Internet Merchant Account to accept Visa and MasterCard payments. This is a special service that banks provide to merchants, and SecurePay enables your website to use this service via our range of products. The bank handles all the money and deposits it into a settlement account nominated by you.

Applying for an Internet Merchant Account can be tedious. You will need to provide your bank with:

  • A functional web site that they can assess
  • A business plan
  • Clear refund and privacy policies
  • Clear contact information

Contact details for banks can be found here. Once the bank provides you with an Internet Merchant Account ID, you provide it to SecurePay when you sign-up and we make the whole process work for you.

Of course, should you require any assistance, our experienced sales and support teams can guide you.

And don't stop here! While the bank is approving your application, you can continue the process right up to the Go Live point.

2. Select the SecurePay payment solution that is right for you

SecurePay provides many options to integrate with your website including hosted payment pages, API's and FraudGuard. Our Products and Services section provides more detail.

These days, Visa and MasterCard are ensuring the security of their cards by making merchants comply with PCI DSS.

To protect you from the expense of becoming PCI DSS Compliant, SecurePay has a range of hosted solutions where we handle and store the card details on your behalf. These hosted solutions can be customised to show your brand to your customer for complete piece of mind at the point of payment. SecurePay also enables quick and secure access to refunds when needed via our advanced Merchant Login.

If you have any problem selecting the best solution, please contact our sales team on 1300 786 756

3. Integrate the SecurePay payment solution with your web site

Once you have chosen the SecurePay product that is right for your needs, you or your web developer need to integrate it with your website. SecurePay provides documentation, support and examples to help you achieve this quickly and simply. In fact it is our job to make this as simple as possible for you, while maximising the security of the payment process. Don't be put off if it sounds too technical as developers have no trouble integrating our products.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a complete end-to-end solution, you can also use one of our partner shopping cart solutions that come pre-integrated with the SecurePay payment gateway. You sign up to both services, choose the SecurePay module in the shopping cart and start taking payments sooner.

4. Test, test, test...

So your site is integrated with SecurePay. It is now important to test using test credit card details in our test environment. Don't worry - no money will change hands, but you will find out if it all works.

We recommend that you perform as many test transactions as needed. This allows you to simulate both approved and declined payment requests. Any issues you find can be ironed out here before you start accepting real payments.

5. Sign up to a SecurePay account

This is the easy part. Just complete our application form or sign up online and we will get you going by linking the product you have chosed to your bank merchant facility.

You will receive full access to your SecurePay account in both test and live modes for the duration of your account, allowing you to see transactions, do manually entered transactions, refund payments and many more features.

6. Go live!

Here you go. All the hard work is about to pay off.

Your web developer switches your account from our test service to our live service and that's it.

We recommend that you make a payment through your own website and see the money arrive, giving you complete piece of mind that everything is working.

Get trading!