Batch Payments

Automate and simplify the regular billing of your customers with SecurePay's batch system.

This is ideal for taking repeat payments from your customer where you control the frequency and amount of payment from your own billing application

Batch is ideally suited to:

  • ISP's for monthly fee payments
  • Utiliities for subscription payments
  • Councils for quarterly rates
  • Any business that takes repeat payments from customers

Our batch product supports many features including:

  • Credit, debit and charge card payments
  • Direct debit payments
  • Direct credit payments
  • Triggered payments from stored payors or tokens
  • SFTP transfer of files for seamless integration and automation

Batch can also be used to trigger payments from SecurePay's card vault. If you have cards stored in our system, then upload a triggering batch file to take your regular payments. This is ideal for legacy systems that use batch, but allows for modern card storage to meet PCI DSS requirements.