Direct Debit Payments

SecurePay's Direct Debit service enables you to debit funds from Australian bank accounts.*

Direct Debit is available through existing SecurePay payment channels, including SecureBill, Phone Payments, SecureAPI, and via our Merchant Login.

Once you are enabled for this service, you require each of your customers to sign your approved Direct Debit Authority form. This is required to protect both you and your customer. Once the customer has given you authority to debit their bank account, you can use any of the SecurePay products  that are enabled for Direct Debit.

Transactions processed by Direct Debit are cleared the next business day into your bank account, but can be reversed after 72 hours if the customer does not have available funds, has provided an invalid bank account, or is unable to be debited. Daily transaction amount limits also apply.

Direct Debit is ideal for any large billing organisation including:

  • Local and federal government
  • Utilities
  • ISPs
  • Health care organisations
  • Insurance companies
  • and more.

Direct Debit represents a low cost option to take payments from your customers.

To apply for the service, please contact our sales department.

* Subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply.