SecurePay's FraudGuard provides merchants with greater control in detecting fraud and fraudulent transactions before they occur. Stopping fraudulent transactions also helps to minimise and avoid chargebacks from the bank. FraudGuard lets you easily set up your own fraud screening rules from within the Merchant Login.

Why use FraudGuard?

  • Use rules to help detect fraudulent transaction patterns and decline further fraudulent attempts
  • You do not need to screen every transaction manually
  • Transaction patterns are analysed in real-time
  • Review your fraud results via our Merchant Login to streamline your FraudGuard rules
  • Choose to be notified by email if a transaction is flagged as fraudulent
  • Choose to process fraudulent transactions later if you desire
FraudGuard is one method for online merchants to combat fraud. Other methods include 3D Secure and more information on best practice can be obtained from the APCA website (the system that processes cards in Australia) at their web site

FraudGuard lets you customise your own fraud rules:


  • ALLOW/DECLINE transactions from selected countries

Purchase Amount

  • Set a minimum per transaction amount
  • Set a maximum per transaction amount

Customer IP location

  • Check to see that the customer is trying to hide their location by using an open IP proxy
  • Ensure that the countries of the customer's IP and the card issuing bank match
  • Check to see if the country of the customer's IP is from a high risk country

Customer Billing Settings

  • Ensure that the country of the customer's IP matches the billing country
  • Check that the country of the customer's IP matches the delivery country
  • Ensure that the delivery and billing countries match
  • Check that the customer's email is not from a free domain, such as Hotmail or Gmail

Transaction Screening Rules

  • Limit the number of transactions coming from same issuing bank in a set time period
  • Limit the number of declined transactions from same customer IP
  • Limit the number of transactions from same customer IP
  • Limit the number of transactions from same credit card number
  • Detect low transaction amount followed by high transaction amount on same card
  • Limit the number of transactions coming from the same customer email

Fraud Score

FraudGuard uses a points system to allow merchants to completely customise their fraud settings. If the Fraud Score exceeds 100, then the transaction will be flagged as fraudulent and not passed to the bank. Merchants can setup FraudGuard to send an alert email or block the transaction when it has been flagged as fraudulent.

Merchants can easily view fraud scores when generating a transaction report via our Merchant Login.

FraudGuard is available with most SecurePay interfaces.

Call our Sales team on 1300 786 756 to activate FraudGuard on your payment gateway facility.