SecureBill is a fully secure,  PCI DSS compliant hosted payment page that is tailored to bill payments.

If you are a goverment, utility, ISP, health organisation or insurer and render invoices to your customers, then SecureBill represents the simplest way to take payments.

SecureBill is designed to process payments the same as via the Phone, giving your customers multiple ways to pay.

The web page has a large number of parameters that can be customised, giving you a large degree of control over the look and feel of the page. Customisable parameters include, the background colour, whether the SecurePay logo is displayed, the name of the type of bill or invoice and many more.

For local government, SecureBill is the easiest way to accept:

SecureBill supports:

  • Credit/debit card payments
  • Direct Debit payments
  • FraudGuard
  • Fixed or variable amounts
  • Installation via a simple URL link on your site
  • Batch upload of payable bill data

For more information, download the integration guide from our Developer Centre.