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SecurePay is an online payments expert and a business of Australia Post.

SecurePay has worked with Australian businesses for more than 15 years, helping more than 40,000 businesses on their e-commerce journeys.

We offer a wide range of online payment solutions, including SecurePay Online Payments – a complete online payments solution – as well as various payment gateway solutions.

We are an Australian company, with our team of payment specialists based here for help and advice when you need it.

As a leader in the Australian online payments industry, we offer a host of products and services, including our own FraudGuard suite, which helps businesses combat fraudulent transactions. SecurePay's servers are located across multiple local data centres for maximum uptime, and all of our customer's data is securely kept here, in Australia.

We have worked with more than 40,000 Australian businesses, including:small and medium-sized retail businesses

  • start-up online businesses
  • state and local government organisations
  • water, gas and power utilities
  • insurance companies
  • telecommunication companies
  • banks
  • other payment gateways
  • leading billing organisations.

Camtech – a SecurePay acquisition

SecurePay has made a number of acquisitions over its 15-year history, including buying Camtech in 2006.

Camtech was a payment gateway provider that allowed businesses and organisations to accept online payments in real-time.

It was originally established in 1983 through a partnership with Adelaide University. Initially Camtech was an internet service provider (ISP) and started focusing on e-commerce solutions, including payment gateways, in 1993.

Since the acquisition, Camtech is no longer available to new merchants; instead SecurePay handles all new applications. If you are an existing Camtech merchant and would like to discuss migrating your account to SecurePay contact us on: 1300 786 756.

SecurePay, a wholly owned business of Australia Post, provides online payment solutions for all types of business and organisations. This includes an all-in-one solution, SecurePay Online Payments, and standalone payment gateways.

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You could typically be selling online with SecurePay Online Payments in as little as five business days.

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Get online fast, with less hassle. SecurePay Online Payments has a simple online application process, with no visits to banks.

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