Developer Resources

Why waste time when integration can be so easy? It’s not only simple with SecurePay, we give you more choice. Choose the integration option that suits you.

Website Integration

SecurePay API

The XML API transmits transaction information to SecurePay for processing. This guide shows you how to build a program within your website or application so you can integrate the XML API.

Website Integration

Hosted Payment Pages – SecureFrame

SecureFrame offers a secure and flexible hosted service that helps you meet your PCI DSS obligations. Guide provides details for integration and configuration within your shopping cart or application.

Website Integration

Hosted Payment Pages – Direct Post

Direct Post is a payment service that accepts customer data posted directly from a form on your website.
 This guide provides technical information about installing and configuring Direct Post.

Bill Payment Integration

Online Bill Payment – SecureBill Hosted Payment Page

A hosted payment page tailored to bill payments, SecureBill is suitable for government and organisations that render invoices. Guide details integration and configuration information.

Bill Payment Integration

API – Card Storage and Scheduled Payments

Secure XML API – Card Storage and Scheduled Payments transmits information to SecurePay to securely store customer details. This guide provides technical information about integration and configuration.

Bill Payment Integration

SecurePay Batch

SecurePay Batch is a method for uploading transactions in a file for processing once daily. This document provides details about formatting and uploading files for batch processing using SecurePay Batch.

Website Integration

Response Codes

Click download to access the list of Bank Response Codes for credit card transactions.

General Documentation

Integrate Parcel Delivery to your Shopping Cart or Application

By registering with Australia Post My Deliveries, you’ll have even more ways to get your parcels delivered. To register, visit Australia Post My Deliveries.

General Documentation

SecurePay Merchant Portal User Guide

The Merchant Portal offers payment tools and reporting features to manage your account with SecurePay. This guide provides an overview of how to use the Merchant Portal.

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