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What is SecurePay Online Payments?

An online payments solution allows you to accept customer credit card payments online.

SecurePay Online Payments is an online payments solution that combines two essential e-commerce requirements – an internet merchant account and a payment gateway – which allow your business to accept online customer payments.

The best choice for you and your customers

SecurePay Online Payments transmits a customer’s credit card details between your bank, the customer’s bank and the credit card schemes.

More payment choices

SecurePay Online Payments gives your customers more payment choices (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International and PayPal) and it allows them to make a purchase online straight away, which can help you convert more sales.

SecurePay Online Payments offers you:

  • Simple online application process with no visits to banks.
  • Easy integration process.
  • The ability to accept all the most common types of cards and payments, including Visa and MasterCard.
  • The ability to integrate with PayPal.
  • Integration with major shopping carts.

How SecurePay Online Payments works

SecurePay Online Payments brings together two essential elements:

1. An internet merchant account that manages the transfer of funds between your customer’s credit card and your bank account. 
2. A payment gateway, to transmit credit card data between the internet merchant account, bank account and card providers.

When a customer proceeds to checkout, SecurePay Online Payments transmits the details of the request between your website, the banks and the credit card providers involved.

Typically, in just a few seconds, you and the customer get confirmation of whether an online purchase has been successful.

Get online fast

Your SecurePay Online Payments solution could typically be in place in as little as five business days.

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Save time and money

SecurePay Online Payments’ easy set-up process will save you time and it has a simple, clear pricing structure.

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