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When you partner with SecurePay, you can expand your reach and revenue opportunities. We make life easier by enabling your merchant customers to accept online payments easily and securely.

Our all-in-one solution has been powering Australian businesses since 1999 and we’re trusted by more than 100,000 Australian businesses for their payments.

Our systems meet all the latest global security standards and our advanced fraud prevention tools help detect fraudulent transactions before they occur.

We’re a business of Australia Post, so when you partner with SecurePay you’ll not only benefit from our seamless technology and service, you’ll also be confident that we’re backed by the country’s largest retail network operator.

With SecurePay, your merchant customers can enjoy a payment experience that is easy and secure. We offer many benefits, such as simple integration, customised checkout options and advanced fraud protection.

We can also help you grow. You may be eligible to earn a commission on upfront and ongoing revenue and we provide seamless local support via our Partner Managers.

How to get started

  • Tell us more about your business or solution
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Why partner with SecurePay?

  • A trusted partner

    As a business of Australia Post, we’re backed by the country’s largest retail network operator and we’ve been powering local businesses since 1999.

  • Grow your opportunities

    Our partner referral program pays a competitive commission on upfront and ongoing revenues to eligible partners.

  • Connect with your customers

    When you refer a client to SecurePay through your website or app, your own shopping cart or platform branding will appear on the landing page.

  • Dedicated local support

    Our Partner Managers have expert knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way. And, they’re based locally in Australia.

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