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Direct Debit

SecurePay’s Direct Debit solution enables you to set up fully automated recurring payments. You don’t have to waste any more time chasing payments, which is great for your cash flow, plus our online portal allows you to keep track of every payment with ease.

Direct Debit is a simple payment option for your customers and it saves you time, because you no longer have to manually process or reconcile each payment.

Only $1
per debit
$75 monthly
No annual or set-up fees
All prices include GST.

Key benefits of Direct Debit

Easy integration

The SecurePay API can power the complete automation of direct debits, including recurring payments. We’ve already partnered with industry-leading providers, making it quick and easy to start taking direct debit payments today.

Get paid on time

Spend less time chasing late payments and bad debts. Simply set up recurring direct debits, coupled with our automated re-billing of failed payments. 

Manage direct debits easily

Managing direct debit payments is quick and easy, with our online payment portal. You can also combine this with your gateway or merchant payments from SecurePay, so you have one dashboard for all your payment transactions.

Local support

Our payment support specialists are based in Australia and are available for help and expert advice when you need it.

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