Subscriptions & Billing

Capture more revenue with recurring payments

Manage recurring payments by amount and frequency.

Billing direct debit payments recurring payments - Billing subscription recurring payments
  • Ideal for routine payments
    SecurePay allows your customers to make scheduled payments
  • Top grade digital security
    PCI compliant and award winning security/anti-fraud solution
  • Local Australian support
    Our Melbourne based support team are here to help 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri
  • Detailed reporting
    Set up regular reports, view transaction history and more with SecurePay's portal
  • Simple set-up and integration
    We will work with any website type and provide detailed documentation
  • Multiple payment methods
    SecurePay accepts a wide range of payment methods
Billing direct debit payments recurring payments - Billing subscription automatic payments

Grow your business on autopilot with automatic payments

Provide your customers greater flexibility with the option to set up automatic payments.

SecurePay offer two different features that enable automatic payments - recurring card payments and direct debit payments.

Recurring card payments

Recurring card payments allows you to set future payments for your customers, for example where a once off transaction for a future date is required or where a payment is taken at regular intervals whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually. Your customers’ credit or debit card details are stored securely with SecurePay. We remove sensitive data by replacing the card number with a randomly generated, unique placeholder number called a token.

Direct debit payments

Direct debit differs to recurring card payments as it will use your customers’ current bank account details, not their card information. Direct debit payments is an easy and safe way to allow your customers to make regular payments from their bank account. Our direct debit functionality also includes direct credit, allowing you to deposit funds into your customers’ account. Direct debit payments is available for a fee through our SecurePay API integration method.

Set & forget

Greater flexibility and ease for your customers through automatic payments.

Automated rebilling

Reduce time spent chasing payments and bad debt with our automated re-billing for any failed payments.

Reduce manual processing

Increase efficiency by reducing manual processing and reconciliation.

1.75% + $0.30 AUD

Domestic cards

Fees include GST.

2.90% + $0.30 AUD

International cards

Fees include GST.

Simple & transparent pricing

No hidden fees or set costs - you are charged per transaction making the SecurePay pricing model straightforward.

Dedicated dashboard to help you manage your payments

Simple reporting shows each and every transaction under the microscope, giving you a complete view of your transaction history.

Customisable daily reports
Manage customer details
Schedule future payments
Accept receive secure online payment Australia - Online payment account preview

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