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Apple Pay

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Apple Pay is a cashless payment solution that works on selected Apple devices, in store and online. It allows users to save card details and transact by verifying through touch or face ID rather than entering card details.

Apple users store their credit or debit card details in the wallet app, meaning a physical card is no longer required for purchases. The device then surfaces the card details from the wallet app to make purchases through in-browser transactions. Purchases are made by using face ID, thumb print or pincode for every transaction.

Visa and MasterCard can be used to make Apple Pay transactions through SecurePay.

In order to accept Apple Pay transactions, you need to be integrated with the SecurePay API integration method.

Apple Pay is available for all merchants on our 'all-in-one' product.

Apple Pay has been enabled on selected acquiring bank links for the Gateway product. It's available on NAB, ANZ and FISERV (Westpac, Bankwest, St.George, Maquarie) bank links. You can accept Apple Pay transactions only if you are on one of the listed bank links for Gateway.

Apple Pay transactions will be charged at the standard card rate, there is no extra charge for Apple Pay transactions.

Firstly you will need to be onboarded with SecurePay and integrated with SecurePay API. Once integrated, you can enable Apple Pay through your account, under the payment features tab. You will need to upload a file with domains you would like to register. Apple will then verify your domains and validate the ownership. Once verification has occurred, Apple Pay will be enabled.

Yes, you can register multiple domains at the same time. You can add new domains by logging into your SecurePay account.

You will receive an approval email advising your domains have been verified and Apple Pay is enabled. You will also see the status 'activated' when you login to your account and visit the 'Payment features' page.

If your domains fail to verify, Apple Pay will not be enabled on your account. Following the fail, you will receive an error message and you will be asked to try again. Please ensure you add the domain verification file to all the domains you would like to register and ensure it’s at the specified location: https://[Your_Domain]/.well-known.apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association

The integration guide can be found on our website.

Yes, if you would like to disable Apple Pay, call our Customer Support team on 1300 786 756.

No, Apple Pay payments can only be initiated through SecurePay API.

After you have been approved, you will need to integrate Apple Pay in order to process Apple Pay transactions. Integration instructions are found on our website.

You can view and filter all Apple Pay transactions through the merchant portal.

Yes, your existing merchant reports will include Apple Pay transactions.

Refunds can be initiated through the merchant portal or via SecurePay API. See integration guide for details.

Yes a partial refund can be initiated for Apple Pay transactions through the merchant portal or via SecurePay API.

You can view your Apple Pay refunds in the merchant portal or via SecurePay API.

There is no change to the existing settlement and billing processes. The pricing for Apple Pay transactions will be treated as normal card type transactions.

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