Making bill payments easy

We make bill payment easy by giving your customers the choice of how they want to pay. Payments can be made securely by phone, mobile or online. You’ll always be in control with access to account management and reporting tools. Our all-in-one solution means you spend less time chasing payments and more time growing your business.


Giving your customers more ways to pay

SecureBill is a hosted bill payment page designed to process online payments just like phone payments. If you are a government body, utility, ISP or insurer that issues invoices for either fixed or variable amounts, this is the perfect option for you.

How it works

Installation is via a simple URL link on your site and you can batch upload your payable bill data. The look and feel of the hosted page can be customised to suit your business needs. For example, a local government can tailor the page for rates payments, parking infringements or animal registrations.

SecureBill supports credit and debit card payments as well as FraudGuard.

Phone Payments

A fully hosted, interactive service

With phone payments, your bills and invoices can be paid via an automated telephone service – interactive voice response (IVR). The system is fully hosted by SecurePay and we make it easy by providing all of the telephony connections. This means there is no complex hardware or software maintenance requirements for you to manage.

How it works

Simply include one of the payment service phone numbers on your invoice, which your customers can dial and follow the prompts for Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club International card payments. The phone payments system can be fully customised to meet your specific business needs and the script your customer hears can be entirely branded in your business name. Payments are reported using a customised remittance file and via the merchant login.

We make it easy by providing:

Batch Payments

Automate and simplify regular billing

Batch payments is the ideal option for repeat customer payments, such as monthly fee payments, subscriptions or quarterly local council payments. It provides flexibility by allowing you to control the frequency and amount of payment from your own billing application.

Our batch payments product supports:

Scheduled Payments

The easy choice for repeat, regular and high-volume billing

If you issue large volumes of bills to customers at regular intervals in a repeat cycle, Scheduled Payments is the solution for your business.

How it Works

SecurePay stores your customer’s payment details, along with your customer reference number and the frequency of the payment interval, and automatically processes the payment from the nominated account at each payment interval. Set up is simple. Details can be entered electrically via an API integration or manually, one by one, via the SecurePay merchant login.

Nominate the start day and frequency of payment and we will take care of the rest.


The SecurePay Scheduled Payment system is available with the SecureAPI Integration – Periodic & Triggered add-in and via our merchant login.

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