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Why waste time chasing payments? With our direct debit solutions, you can set up fully automated recurring payments and keep track of them via our online portal.

Recurring direct debit payments

  • Increase efficiency by reducing manual processing and reconciliation
  • Reduce time spent chasing payments and bad debt with our automated re-billing of failed payments
  • Simple integration – our partnership with industry leading providers means you can start accepting direct debit payments quickly
  • Easy access to our online payment portal means you can keep track of direct debit payments
  • Greater flexibility for your customers through automatic incremental payments
  • Local payment support specialists provide assistance when you need it
  • Simple, transparent pricing


Making online payments easy, flexible and efficient

  • Only $1 per debit*

  • $75 monthly fee

  • No annual set-up fees

*Credit card recurring payments will involve merchant fees, please contact us for more information.

Recurring credit card payments

Tokenisation and storage – the simple, secure way to store card numbers

With tokenisation, you can avoid handling sensitive card data by replacing card numbers with storage reference known as a token. There is no additional charge.

How it works

Cards can be tokenised one-by-one or in batches with our hosted products SecureFrame or Direct Post. Your customers enter their card into a web page and submit it directly to SecurePay. We return the 16-digit token to you for easy storage in our system. You can choose to trigger payments against the token using our APIs or in bulk via our batch service.

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