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SecurePay accepts a wide range of payment methods, giving your customers the flexibility to pay how they like.

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Credit & debit cards

Our fully customisable card payments UI allows you to maintain total control of the customer experience and takes the hassle out of PCI compliance. With SecurePay, you'll automatically comply with PCI standards because we've already done the work for you.


One of the most popular and trusted online payment services in the world, PayPal allows individuals and businesses to securely transfer funds online.


POLi is an online payment option that uses internet banking to securely pay for goods and services. With POLi take advantage of simple reconciliation, low cost and real time confirmation of successful payments. The confidence, speed and convenience of a real-time internet banking solution.


With a unique emphasis on QR codes for the easy completion of payments, Alipay is an extremely popular Chinese payment provider.

WeChat Pay

With hundreds of millions of daily users, WeChat Pay is one of the most preferred online payment methods for Chinese customers.

Phone payments (IVR)

Despite the multitude of advancements in online payment technology, paying by phone is still the preferred method for many potential customers.

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