Security & fraud protection

SecurePay lives up to the current global standards of online security, keeping you and your customers' financial and personal details safe

Data security pci compliance fraud protection - Security compliance online security
  • Adjust preferences based on country

  • Set a minimum or maximum purchase amount

  • Check if your customer's IP location is from a high-risk country

  • Check suspicious customer email domains

  • Limit the number of transactions from the same bank or credit card

FraudGuard: Advanced fraud protection for total peace of mind

SecurePay's FraudGuard reduces your exposure to fraudulent transactions by detecting fraud before it occurs. You can customise your fraud settings by establishing your own rules within a points system, so you're always in control. FraudGuard is available with integration methods such as SecurePay API, SecureFrame and Direct Post and shopping carts.

You set the rules and parameters
FraudGuard automatically screens all transactions
FraudGuard notifies you of any suspicious activity

3D Secure 2 Making ecommerce safer

3DS2 is SecurePay’s solution to help ensure cardholder authentication and protection against fraudulent transactions. It is the new industry standard for customer authentication. It adds the latest security technology to your checkout, protecting you from fraudulent chargeback transactions. It allows the cardholder’s identity to be authenticated by their bank at the time of purchase.

SecurePay charges $0.05 for every 3DS2 authentication.

Benefits for you and your customers

Reduce fraud and chargebacks

The payment authentication process enables the card issuer to identify the cardholder at the time of purchase, significantly reducing the number of disputes and fraudulent payments

Increase customer confidence and trust

Added security means your customers are provided with greater confidence when transacting online

One environment

Customers are not sent away from your website, ensuring a frictionless and consistent brand experience

Keep your transactions compliant

Meet SCA requirements

Frictionless flow

With 3DS2 more data is passed through to the card issuer meaning there will be less need for authentication and a seamless payment experience for the customer. Only high-risk transactions will be flagged and will require the cardholder to authenticate.

Data-driven, frictionless authentication

OAuth 2.0 is used by the world's largest digital organisations, and it is currently the most secure and technologically advanced protocol of its kind. It uses fast-expiring access tokens that greatly mitigate the risk of "man-in-the-middle" attacks and data breaches 1.

Data security pci compliance fraud protection - Security compliance data security

Data security of the highest standard

Any business dealing with credit or debit card information must meet strict compliance obligations in order to be PCI-DSS compliant.

But by using the SecurePay integration method, you can minimise your PCI scope significantly. This is because customer card details never actually touch your system, absolving you of any associated security obligations.

If you are a SecurePay customer and have a security issue to report regarding your account, please contact us.

If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in a SecurePay product or have a security incident to report, please see our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.

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1 OAuth 2.0 is only available with the SecurePay API integration method.