SecurePay - your most trusted PrestaShop payment gateway

Integrating SecurePay’s payment gateway on your PrestaShop eCommerce store is quick and easy, start taking payments and accepting cards

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Take payments through your PrestaShop store with SecurePay

PrestaShop is a powerful eCommerce solution. Connect SecurePay to accept credit card payments.

Create a customised PrestaShop checkout to match your brand

SecurePay's card payments UI allows you to maintain total control of your PrestaShop checkout page without ever having to send customers away from your website.

Test SecurePay for free before signing up for a live account

After signing up for an account, SecurePay provides a "sandbox version", allowing you to freely test SecurePay on your website for as long as you'd like before signing up for a live account.

Easily set up, customise & integrate

Getting started with SecurePay is quick and easy, providing detailed documentation as well as local support.

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Easy PrestaShop payment plugin installation

PrestaShop payment gateway integration is quick and easy, download the SecurePay PrestaShop payment plugin and follow the steps below.


  • Download the extension

  • Install the extension

  • Configure the SecurePay extension

For more information please read the SecurePay API PrestaShop Install Instructions

  • Great for once-off transactions
    Allow your customers to make scheduled once-off payments
  • Enable PrestaShop subscriptions recurring payments
    Grow your business on autopilot with automatic payments
  • Detailed reporting
    Set up regular reports, view transaction history and more with SecurePay's portal
  • PrestaShop pci compliance
    Top grade digital security and award winning anti-fraud solution
  • Simple PrestaShop integration
    We provide detailed documentation to integrate with SecurePay
  • Customisable card payment UI
    Maintain total control of your customer checkout experience

FAQ section

SecurePay enables a wide range of payment methods, including credit card payments, giving your customers the flexibility to pay how they like.

Payment gateway integration is quick and easy, download the SecurePay PrestaShop payment plugin and follow the 6 steps described above.

If you use PrestaShop for your eCommerce store, SecurePay’s PrestaShop payment plugin integration is quick and easy.