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A chargeback is received when a cardholder disputes a transaction with their card issuing bank. A chargeback can occur when the merchant has made an error at the point of sale, for example, an expired card has been used. A chargeback can also occur when the cardholder or the Card Issuing Company ("the Issuer") is disputing the transaction. For example, the card or cardholder were not present at the point of sale and possible fraud may have taken place.

Yes, you can simply log in to our Merchant Login and navigate to Accounts receivable -> Take a payment -> Cards, and complete the form. The transaction will be processed straight away. The authorisation result will be returned by the banking network.

Yes, you can refund transactions through SecurePay. Multiple refunds may be performed on a transaction if the total refunded amount does not exceed the total of the original payment. Refunds can be performed through SecurePay's APIs or online from our Merchant Login facility. Merchants can only refund a payment back to the card used for the original payment.

Yes. SecureBatch allows clients to upload a file of transactions via the Merchant Login.

All SecurePay credit card payments return real-time responses from the card-issuing bank or the SecurePay server. Response codes consisting of 2 digits are returned by the card issuing bank. Response codes consisting of 3 digits are returned from the SecurePay server. Details about each response code returned can be found here: Response Codes.pdf

SecurePay allows the processing of Visa (credit and debit), Mastercard (credit and debit), American Express, Diners Club, AliPay, WeChat Pay and JCB. AliPay and WeChat Pay are available on the SecurePay API integration method only. PayPal is also available as a payment method for the SecureFrame and Direct Post integration methods.

Yes. Just as anyone travelling overseas can pay for goods and services with their credit card, any cardholder with an appropriate card may make a payment using SecurePay. The transaction is conducted in Australian Dollars and the foreign currency conversion is then handled by Visa or Mastercard.

The login credentials are used to log in to the SecurePay Merchant Login. They consist of a 3 character Merchant ID (MID), a username and a password. The API credentials are used to identify your SecurePay account when sending payment requests from your website to our payment server. Your API credentials will include a 7 character Merchant ID and an API/Transaction Password.

Yes. The SecurePay payment system can be integrated within a website so that the look and feel is retained. Many of our products allow customisation.

You can be notified of system or provider issues by subscribing to our status page here https://securepay.statuspage.io.

SecurePay can provide a daily report file of transactions processed the previous day. This report can be retrieved via the merchant login or emailed.

For SecurePay Gateway customers, settlement of funds is dependent on your merchant bank. Please contact your merchant bank for more information.

For SecurePay Online Payments customers, settlement of funds into your nominated account will be determined by our internal risk assessment policies. If you do not know your settlement profile, please contact the support team on 1300 786 756 Option 2 or email support@securepay.com.au.

To change your SOP settlement account, please contact the SecurePay accounts team on 1300 786 756 Option 3 or email accounts@securepay.com.au.

For change of settlement bank account details, complete parts 1, 5 and 9 of this form and email it to support@securepay.com.au.

If you do not know your Internet Merchant ID and Internet Terminal ID, please contact your merchant bank for those details.

Yes, we have a sandbox environment accessible to the public. Please see public testing account details below.

Test Merchant Login URL: https://test.login.securepay.com.au/v4/

Merchant ID: ABC

Username: test

Password: abc1234!!

Test integration details

Merchant ID: ABC0001

Test Transaction Password: abc123

The SecurePay test environment has been set up to return a response code equivalent to the cent value of a transaction being processed. For example: Processing a payment for $1.00 (or 100 cents) will return a response code "00 Approved". Processing a payment for $1.51 (or 151 cents) will return response code "51 Insufficient Funds".

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